Apr 5, 2008

Getting ready for May, Antipolo month

In about three weeks' time, Antipolo devotees will again trek to this magnetic city to play and pray. As we promised, we'd have something special for you. Kindly glance at the column on the right to see our May Special. In case you didn't know yet, Antipolo is where you can find the national shrine that pilgrims go to to pray to the miraculous Lady of Antipolo. The fame of this particular manifestation of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has spread beyond national boundaries--she has her own chapel in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, USA. And everywhere you find Filipino homes the world over, you're bound to spot a cherished image of this virgin enshrined somewhere prominent. It's because she is Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. As you may know, we have eight million (8,000,000) Filipino migrants all over the world, and you can bet a good number of those paid respects to Our Lady of Antipolo before they left the country to work abroad. Oh, there's lots more to know about Antipolo, and praying there, but let's for now switch to playing. Switch to sweets, we'd say! Try Vieux Chalet's own version of the traditional mouth-watering mangga't suman combo...mmmm, yummy! And once you've have your fill of fun at Vieux Chalet, drive over to the picturesque towns nearyby--what about Angono? If only to have a photo-op with the higantes, hah! Oh, by the way, do please scroll down to see our menus for April and May--we won't blame you if you start drooling!

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