Mar 15, 2008

Welcome to Vieux Chalet!

Today we start this official blogsite that will keep you updated about Vieux Chalet in Antipolo.

Vieux Chalet is not just a restaurant--it's your Home Swiss Home in the Philippines. Although we have enjoyed decades (yes, nearly 24 years!) of being known as THE restaurant in Antipolo, we offer our guests much more than memorable meals served and enjoyed in a beautiful setting: it's the unbeatable combination of Continental cuisine and Filipino hospitality. Plus, magnificent sunsets and a breathtaking view of city lights come nightfall.

We will not say much for now, except to assure you that this blog will keep you posted on the latest offerings at Vieux Chalet. Meanwhile, do enjoy the photos of our promised fine-dining experience!

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East Asia OCDS said...

hi, will surely visit you!